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She can be contacted via www. Phone freecall number or 02 Sydney metropolitan8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excl. Ann has also put together a great lesbian dating tis YouTube video at www.

It also contains information which may be helpful for relatives and friends who wish to support these men as they confront painful childhood experiences and strive to overcome the influence the abuse has had on their lives.

Workers in the domestic violence DV and family relationship sector are acknowledging this problem and seeking out training for their workers.

Australian Childhood Foundation - Their website will help you understand more about child abuse and neglect. The SRP can provide free domestic violence court assistance for people in same sex relationships, transgender and transsexual people and intersex people.

Amen Ireland - Provides a confidential helpline and support services for male victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Louise Spencer Hawthorne, QLD - Louise is an accomplished clinician, mediator and therapist who offers confidential counselling services to men who have experienced abuse. Call 07 or or go to www.

Mittagong, NSW - Relationship abuse prevention and recovery, counselling and programs for couples and individuals experiencing conflict and abuse in their relationships. ManKind Initiative UK - a charity that provides a help-line service for male victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence.

Ashgate Joins Routledge

Their website is arafmi. Stichting Wende Netherlands - Operates the first Government-sponsored domestic violence shelters for men in the world. Professionally qualified, specialist counsellors will provide counselling, information, advice and referrals to relevant local services.

Valley Oasis USA - Their programs provide services to all victims of domestic violence regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status or sexual orientation. Many fathers are struggling to care for children in the midst of domestic violence. Be prepared to "prove" you are a "genuine" victim.

You can download the NSW flyer here. More information at www. Mensline also offer a Call-Back Counsellor service, who can work with you on bigger issues than their crisis line or until you access another useful service.

Or go to their website at www. Who Can a Man Tell? Check out their website at www. State and territory numbers are as follows: Raising Children Network - The Australian parenting website raisingchildren.SERVICES AND RESOURCES.

Unfortunately there aren't many tailored services and resources available for male victims of family violence and abuse. We are delighted to welcome Ashgate Publishing and Gower books into the Taylor & Francis Group.

Lesbian dating tis
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